Business Process Testing

A BusinessProcess object is a type of planning test composed of Components. A Component is a reusable unit of test logic.

A BusinessProcess is a specialization of Test. It functions like other Test objects in test execution. Instances of BusinessProcess in the Test Lab are TSTest objects. The Run Step objects are instances of ComponentStep objects. For these relations, see Test Execution.

Each instance of a Component in the BusinessProcess is a BPComponent. When a BPComponent is created by adding aComponent to a BusinessProcess several objects are created automatically: A BPIteration is created, and for each ComponentParam, an instance called a BPParameter is created. Your code can add iterations and parameters.

Run-time parameters, represented by RTPParam objects, are the values used for the planning parameters when the test is run.

If the value of a BPIterationParam is a reference to an RTParam, the BPIterationParam.BPParameter property is the name of the RTParam containing the value.