AuditRecordFactory Object
Services for managing AuditRecord objects.
Get a reference from IAuditable.AuditRecordFactory
Implemented InterfaceDescription
IAuditRecordAdderCustom audit events.
IAuditRecordUpdaterCustom audit events.
Public Methods
Public Method AddAuditRecordAdds a custom audit record.
Public Method AddItemNot implemented for IAuditRecordFactory.
Public Method NewListCreates a list of objects according to the specified filter.
Public Method RemoveItemNot implemented for IAuditRecordFactory.
Public Method UpdateAuditRecordUpdates a custom audit record.
Public Properties
Public Property FetchLevelThe Fetch level for a field.
Public Property FieldsThe list of all available fields for the entity managed by the factory.
Public Property FilterThe TDFilter object for the factory.
Public Property HistoryThe History object for this entity.
Public Property ItemGets an object managed by the factory by its key.
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