OwnerSensibleMask Property
The bit mask that indicates for which groups this field can be modified only by its owner.
Property type
Read-write property
Visual Basic
Public Property OwnerSensibleMask As Long

This is an unsafe method of setting this property, and is supported only for backward compatibility.

Use the CustomizationPermissions Object, instead.

Owner Sensibility is the  property of a field that determines whether the field can be modified  by its owner .
OwnerSensibleMask controls for which groups Owner Sensibility is applies.  A user belonging to a group with Owner Sensibility turned on can only change the field if that  user owns the entity.
The owner of a field is the owner of the entity to which the field belongs. Each entity type has it's own rule defining the entity owner. For example, by default a Bug's owner is the user whose name appears in  the 'Assigned To' field.
It's possible to change the owner definition by changing TB_OWNER_FIELD_NAME for the corresponding entry in the TABLES table.

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