ICustomizationListNode2 Interface Members
Public Methods
Public Method AddChildAdds a new sub-node to the current node.
Public Method RemoveChildRemoves the specified sub-node from the current node.
Public Properties
Public Property CanAddChildChecks if sub-nodes can be added to the current node.
Public Property ChildGets the specified sub-node.
Public Property ChildrenThe list of CustomizationListNode objects that are sub-nodes of the current node.
Public Property ChildrenCountThe number of sub-nodes under the node.
Public Property DeletedIf true, the node is marked for deletion, but the deletion is not yet committed.
Public Property FatherGets the CustomizationListNode object representing the current node's parent node, or sets a new father, thereby moving the node.
Public Property IsTemplateChecks whether the customization item originated from the project template.
Public Property ListThe CustomizationList object that contains the current node.
Public Property NameThe current node name.
Public Property OrderThe order number of the node within its siblings.
Public Property ReadOnlyChecks if the current node is read-only.
Public Property TypeThe type of the list node.
Public Property UpdatedIndicates if the node was modified since it was loaded from the server.
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