Objects are organized in the user interface in folders. Most objects folders are represented by SysTreeNode objects or objects of classes that extend SysTreeNode.

The TreeManager manages most types of folders. The names of the folder roots are returned by RootList. In the default project, they include All Projects, Bug Status, CompType, Component Status, Configurations, Coverage Status, Link Type, Parameter Types, Plan Status, Priority, RBQM Functional Complexity Levels, RBQM Risk Levels, RBT Business Impact Levels, RBT Failure Probability Levels, RBT Testing Levels, Requirement Status, Requirement Type, Requirements, Resource Location, Resource Type, Review Status, Severity, Status, Subject, Test Running Status, TestType, VC Status, Version Status, Versions, and YesNo.

The TreeRoot property returns the root of the the specified tree.

The TreeManager provides access to any folder in the tree by path or ID. Each folder in the tree manages its own direct children.