ICustomizationUsersGroup3 Interface
Additional properties of the customization field.
Public Methods
Public Method AddUserAdds a new user to the user group.
Public Method RemoveUserRemoves a user from the user group.
Public Method UsersListA list of all members of the user group.
Public Properties
Public Property DeletedIf true, the object is marked for deletion, but the deletion has not been committed.
Public Property HideFilterThe data hiding filter for the entity specified by the FilterType parameter.
Public Property IDThe user group ID.
Public Property Is_SystemDeprecated. Use IsSystem, which uses better error handling.
Public Property IsSystemChecks if the user group is a built-in system user group.
Public Property IsTemplateChecks whether the customization item originated from the project template.
Public Property NameThe user group name.
Public Property SourceGroupNameThe user group name used as the source group when creating a new group.
Public Property UpdatedIndicates if the object has been modified since being downloaded from database.
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