IFieldProperty2 Interface
Properties for object fields.
Public Properties
Public Property DBColumnNameThe database column name.
Public Property DBColumnTypeThe database column type.
Public Property DBTableNameThe database table name.
Public Property EditMaskThe input mask for string fields.
Public Property EditStyleThe user interface control type used to edit this field.
Public Property FieldSizeThe size of the field in the database (-1 for BLOB fields).
Public Property IsActiveChecks if the field is can be displayed in the user interface.
Public Property IsByCodeChecks if the field saves the Tree Node ID (True), or the passed value (False).
Public Property IsCanFilterChecks if the field is displayed in the filter dialog box.
Public Property IsCanGroupChecks if items of this type can form groups with others of the same type.
Public Property IsCustomizableChecks if the field is displayed in the customization UI.
Public Property IsEditChecks if the field can be edited.
Public Property IsHistoryChecks if change history is stored for the field.
Public Property IsKeepValueChecks if the last value for the field is stored.
Public Property IsKeyChecks if this is a database key field.
Public Property IsMailChecks if e-mail is sent to the users on the notification list when this field changes.
Public Property IsModifyChecks if the user currently logged on the TDConnection is permitted to modify this field.
Public Property IsMultiValueChecks if the field can store multiple values.
Public Property IsRequiredChecks if this is a required field.
Public Property IsSearchableChecks if the content of the field is searched by the Search method.
Public Property IsSystemChecks if this is a predefined system field.
Public Property IsToSumChecks if this field is summed for graphs.
Public Property IsVerifyChecks if the field requires verification.
Public Property IsVersionControlChecks if the field is under version control.
Public Property IsVisibleInNewBugChecks if the field is visible in the New Bug form.
Public Property ReadOnlyChecks if this is a read-only field.
Public Property RootThe tree root connected to the field.
Public Property UserColumnTypeThe user column type: char, number, date, memo, or empty string.
Public Property UserLabelThe user-defined label.
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