IGraph Interface Members
Public Methods
Public Method CrossDrillDown Cross project graph data drill-down.
Public Method DrillDown Drills down to graph data.
Public Method MultiDrillDown Gets detailed information about a graph area consisting of four sets of coordinates.
Public Properties
Public Property ColCount The number of columns.
Public Property ColName Gets the name of the specified column. Column numbers are zero-based.
Public Property ColTotal The sum of the values in the specified graph data column. The column number is zero-based.
Public Property Data The data in the specified cell. Column and Row numbers are zero-based.
Public Property GraphTotal The total number of items represented in the graph.
Public Property MaxValue The maximum value in the graph.
Public Property RowCount The number of rows.
Public Property RowName Gets the row name of the specified row. Row numbers are zero-based.
Public Property RowTotal The sum of the values in the specified graph data row. The row number is zero-based.
Public Property StartDate The start date for the graph.
Public Property Warnings Returns a list of warnings returned for this graph by the server.
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