Filter Property
The filter condition for the field specified by the FieldName.
Property type
Read-write property
Visual Basic
Public Property Filter( _
   ByVal FieldName As String _
) As String
The name of the field in the project database. Use all upper case.

Although the Filter property has the syntax of a single property, a TDFilter can have a collection of Filter properties, each on a different field.  Set the Filter property for one field with each command.

A Filter setting is a value of the field, a value with an operator, or a set of values connected by operators.

The values can be constants, special tokens such as "[Today]", "[PreviousWeek]", or "[NextYear]", or folder names, such as "^Subject\LinkFolder^". Use the set filter dialog in the the relevant module of the ALM user interface to explore the possibilities.

String values with spaces must be quoted, for example, TestFilter.Filter("TS_EXEC_STATUS") = """No Run"""

The value can be an expression with a wild card. For example, testsetFilter.Filter("CY_CYCLE") = "GS*" filters for all test sets whose names begin with "GS".

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