IReq Interface Members
Public Methods
Public Method AddCoverageAssigns a test to cover this requirement.
Public Method AddCoverageByFilterAdds the tests from the specified subject that match the input filter to the list of tests that cover the current requirement.
Public Method AddCoverageExAssigns all the tests in the specified subject folder to cover this current requirement.
Public Method GetCoverListGets a list of the tests that cover this requirement.
Public Method GetCoverListByFilterGets the list of all tests that cover the current requirement and match the filter.
Public Method LockObjectLocks the object. Returns True if the object has been changed on the server.
Public Method MailMails the IBaseFieldExMail field item.
Public Method MoveMoves a requirement to being a child of a specified father in the requirements tree.
Public Method PostPosts all changed values into database.
Public Method RefreshReads saved values, overwriting values in memory.
Public Method RemoveCoverageRemoves a test from the list of tests that cover this requirement.
Public Method UndoUndoes changes to field values that have not been posted.
Public Method UnLockObjectUnlocks the object.
Public Properties
Public Property AttachmentsThe Attachment factory for the object.
Public Property AuthorThe name of the requirement author.
Public Property AutoPostIf true, the database is updated immediately when the field value changes.
Public Property CommentThe comment associated with this requirement.
Public Property CountThe number of direct children.
Public Property FieldThe value of the specified field.
Public Property HasAttachmentChecks if the object has one or more attachments.
Public Property HasCoverageThe requirement is covered by at least one test.
Public Property IDThe item ID.
Public Property IsFolderNo longer in use.
Public Property IsLockedChecks if object is locked for editing.
Public Property ModifiedChecks if the item has been modified since last refresh or post operation. If true, the field properties on the server side are not up to date.
Public Property NameThe Requirement name as seen in the tree.
Public Property ParagraphThe paragraph number or numeration of the requirement.
Public Property PathThe path of the node containing this requirement.
Public Property PriorityThe requirement priority.
Public Property ProductThe product name for which the requirement is set.
Public Property ReviewedThe review status.
Public Property StatusThe status of the tests that cover this requirement.
Public Property TypeThe name of the requirement type.
Public Property VirtualChecks if this is a virtual item, that is, an item that does not have a corresponding database record.
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