Add audit record

Public Sub AddAuditRecord()
'  Adding an audit record
	Dim ARAdder As IAuditRecordAdder
	Dim ARData As AuditRecordData
	' retrieve the AuditRecordAdder from the connection
	Set ARAdder = tdc.AuditRecordFactory
	' create an instance of AuditRecordData
	Set ARData = New AuditRecordData
	' fill the new AuditRecordData object with data
	ARData.action = "CA_TestAction"
	ARData.entityID = "10"
	ARData.entityType = "TEST"
	ARData.Description = "This is a test of IAuditRecordAdder."
	' create new Audit Record by passing the AuditRecordData object to the AuditRecordAdder
	' Note: the invocation of AddAuditRecord causes immediate roundtrip
	ARAdder.AddAuditRecord ARData
End Sub