IRun4 Interface
Represents a test run.
Public Methods
Public Method CancelRun Cancels the run.
Public Method CopyDesignSteps Copies design steps into the test run of an executed test.
Public Method CopyStepsToTest Copies all run execution steps, including new added steps, into the design steps of the corresponding planning test.
Public Method CreateBptRunSteps Copies design steps into the test run of an executed test.
Public Method LockObject Locks the object. Returns True if the object has been changed on the server.
Public Method Post Posts all changed values into database.
Public Method Refresh Reads saved values, overwriting values in memory.
Public Method ResolveStepsParameters Updates the texts of the run's steps by resolving the parameter values at run time.
Public Method Undo Undoes changes to field values that have not been posted.
Public Method UnLockObject Unlocks the object.
Public Properties
Public Property Attachments The Attachment factory for the object.
Public Property AutoPost If true, the database is updated immediately when the field value changes.
Public Property BPStepParamFactory The BPStepParamFactory for the current run.
Public Property ExtendedStorage The ExtendedStorage object for the current run.
Public Property Field The value of the specified field.
Public Property HasAttachment Checks if the object has one or more attachments.
Public Property ID The item ID.
Public Property IsLocked Checks if object is locked for editing.
Public Property Modified Checks if the item has been modified since last refresh or post operation. If true, the field properties on the server side are not up to date.
Public Property Name The run name.
Public Property Params Deprecated. Use ParameterValueFactory of ISupportParameterValues. The step parameters of this run.
Public Property ResultLocation The run result location, a UNC path.
Public Property RunCriterionFactory The run criterion factory for the current run.
Public Property RunIterationFactory The run iterations factory for the current run.
Public Property RunIterationsParamsValues The run iterations parameters values.
Public Property Status The run status.
Public Property StepFactory The Step Factory for the current run.
Public Property TestId The test ID of the test that has been run.
Public Property TestInstance The number of this instance of the design test in the test set.
Public Property TestInstanceID The ID of the test instance for the current run.
Public Property TestSetID The ID of the test set to which the run belongs.
Public Property Virtual Checks if this is a virtual item, that is, an item that does not have a corresponding database record.
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