Get all audit properties

Public Sub GetAllAuditProperties()
    Dim lst As TDAPIOLELib.List
    Dim apf As AuditPropertyFactory
    Dim testFilter As TDAPIOLELib.TDFilter
' Get all the audit properties from Test status changes
    'tdc is the global TDConnection object.
    Set apf = tdc.AuditPropertyFactory
    Set testFilter = apf.Filter
    testFilter.Filter("AP_FIELD_NAME") = "BG_STATUS"
    Set lst = testFilter.NewList
    Dim j As Integer, propsActionId As Integer
    Dim FieldName$, TableName%
    Dim oldVal, newVal
    For j = 1 To lst.Count
        Dim ap As AuditProperty
        Set ap = lst.Item(j)
        propsActionId = ap.actionID
        FieldName = ap.FieldName
        TableName = ap.TableName
        oldVal = ap.oldValue
        newVal = ap.newValue
    Next j
End Sub