ISubjectNode Interface
Deprecated. Use ITestFolder. Represents a subject folder in a Quality Center subject tree.
Public Methods
Public Method AddNodeAdds a new child node.
Public Method FindChildNodeFinds a child node by node name.
Public Method FindChildrenFinds node children according to specified search pattern.
Public Method FindTestsFinds tests within the current subject folder whose name matches the specified text pattern.
Public Method MoveMoves the current tree mode to be under the specified parent.
Public Method NewListGets a list of the node's immediate children.
Public Method PostPosts all changed values to the database.
Public Method RefreshReads the saved node data, overwriting values in memory.
Public Method RemoveNodeNot implemented for ISubjectNode.
Public Method RemoveSubjectNodeRemoves the specified node from the subject tree.
Public Properties
Public Property AttachmentsThe AttachmentFactory for the subject folder.
Public Property AttributeGets the node attribute.
Public Property ChildGets a sub-folder of the current folder.
Public Property CountThe number of child nodes.
Public Property DepthTypeThe sub-tree depth type.
Public Property DescriptionA description of the subject node.
Public Property FatherThe current folder's parent folder.
Public Property HasAttachmentChecks if the SubjectNode has at least one attachment.
Public Property NameThe node name.
Public Property NodeIDThe node ID number.
Public Property PathThe folder tree path starting from the tree root.
Public Property TestFactoryThe TestFactory object for the subject folder.
Public Property ViewOrderThe position of the node in the tree as presented in the user interface.
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