GetFilteredChildren Method
Returns a list of children of the specified parent that match the filter.
Visual Basic
Public Function GetFilteredChildren( _
   ByVal FatherID As Long, _
   Optional ByVal Filter As ITDFilter = 0 _
) As List

The ID of an item managed by the implementing factory under which to search.

The descendents of this item are compared to the filter. The item itself is not included in the returned.

The TDFilter object that contains the match criteria.
Return Type
A list of references to the objects directly under the item specified by FatherID that either match the filter, or have descendents that match the filter.
For example, ComponentFolderFactory implements this interface. If the filter specifies components with a status of Maintenance, this method returns a list of the folders under the folder specified by FatherID and that contain at least one component with Maintenance status in their sub-tree.
Return Value Details
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