ISupportRBTAnalysisChild Interface
Represents Risk-based Quality Management analysis capabilities for the Req coclass. This class provides services for handling the child requirements affected by the analysis.
Public Properties
Public Property AnalyzedTestingEffortInHoursThe testing effort determined by the last analysis.
Public Property AnalyzedTestingLevelThe testing level determined by the last analysis, from 'RBT Testing Levels' in LISTS.
Public Property CustomTestingEffortInHoursThe custom testing effort.
Public Property CustomTestingLevelThe custom testing level supplied, from 'RBT Testing Levels' in LISTS.
Public Property IgnoreInAnalysisShould this requirement be excluded in Risk-based Quality Management analysis?
Public Property ParentRequirementForRBTAnalysisThe parent requirement for the current Risk-based Quality Management Analysis.
Public Property RnDEstimatedEffortInHoursThe R&D effort.
Public Property UseCustomTLAndTEDoes this requirement have a custom Testing Level and Testing Effort?
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