ISupportRBTAnalysisParent Interface
Represents Risk-based Quality Management analysis capabilities for the Req coclass.
Public Methods
Public Method AnalyzeAndSaveDo analysis, create analysis results and save testing levels for all child Req objects.
Public Method AnalyzeButDontSaveDo analysis, create analysis results, but do not save testing levels in children yet.
Public Method ApplyPolicyOnResultMatixUse current policy matrix and re-apply it on the aggregated counts matrix to calculate total analyzed requirements duration.
Public Method ResetPolicyToDefaultsCopy the policy from customization.
Public Properties
Public Property AnalysisFilterThe filter used for the Analysis.
Public Property AnalysisResultAggregatedRNDEffortsInHoursTime it would take RnD to handle this requirement, as simple aggregative addition of RND efforts set in children that were visited in last analysis.
Public Property AnalysisResultAnalyzedDurationInHoursTime it would take to test the requirements without CustomTestingLevel. That is, with the regular analyzed requirements, with this policy set in the related Risk-based Quality Management Analysis setup.
Public Property AnalysisResultCountCustomizedRequirementsCount of all child requirements visited in last analysis that their Testing Efforts were customized (not set by analysis).
Public Property AnalysisResultCountIgnoredRequirementsCount of all child requirements ignored in last analysis.
Public Property AnalysisResultCountNonCustomizedRequirementsFor each possible risk (pair of Risk and FC levels) - return the total Count of child requirements that were visited in last analysis and that are assessed to be in this Risk (Pair), and their Efforts were not customized.
Public Property AnalysisResultCountUnanalyzableRequirementsCount of all child requirements visited in last analysis that could not be analyzed due to missing Assessment or incomplete custom effort.
Public Property AnalysisResultCustomizedDurationInHoursTime it would take to test the requirements with CustomTestingLevel with this policy set in the related Risk-based Quality Management Analysis setup.
Public Property AnalysisResultLastAnalysisDateThe Date/Time of the last analysis done on this parent requirement.
Public Property AvailableTimeInHoursAvailable time for this Risk-based Quality Management Analysis.
Public Property FPLevelTestingEffortInHoursObsolete. Returns E_NOTIMPL.
Public Property IsAnalyzedChecks whether the parent requirement has valid Risk-based Quality Management analysis result data.
Public Property TestingEffortInHoursFromPolicyMatrixCalculated time needed to test a requirement in the given Risk and Functional Complexity, according to the current policy.
Public Property TestingLevelPercentageTesting level percentage (of the full testing level).
Public Property TestingPolicyMatrixRisk testing level matrix.
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