Build tests tree

Private Function BuildTestsTree() As Test

' Create a subject folder and add a new Business Process Test

    Dim testF As TestFactory
    Dim NewTest As Test
    Dim oRoot As SubjectNode, folder As SubjectNode
    Dim TreeMgr As TreeManager
' This example creates a subject folder, which is a test folder
'   in the test plan module,and places a new test of type
'   Business Process Test in the folder.

' tdc is a TDConnection object. When this routine is run, the
'   user is already authenticated and connected to the project.
    Set TreeMgr = tdc.TreeManager
' Create a test plan subject folder,
    Set oRoot = TreeMgr.TreeRoot("Subject")
    Set folder = oRoot.AddNode("myTestFolder2")
' Get a test factory from the new folder.
    Set testF = folder.TestFactory
' Create the test,
    Set NewTest = testF.AddItem(Null) = "myBPTest1"
    NewTest.Type = "BUSINESS-PROCESS"
'Put the test in the new subject folder.
'   Note that because since we got the TestFactory from the
'   folder, we don't need to set the TS_SUBJECT field.
'   Had we created the factory object from the TDConnection:
'   Set TestF = tdc.TestFactory
'   we would have to place the test in the folder:
'   NewTest.Field("TS_SUBJECT") = folder.NodeID

' Save the test.
' Note that the object returned is of class Test,
'   not of class BusinessProcess, even though the
'   Type property is BUSINESS-PROCESS.
'   To use methods and properties of BusinessProcess,
'   the calling routine must cast the returned object
'   to BusinessProcess.
    Set BuildTestsTree = NewTest
End Function