Login Method

Authorizes the user. On success, the user is logged in and can connect to projects.

  • Authentication by external Identity Manager (IdM) and Identity Provider (IdP)

    Available in versions: 14.x

    In this case, the Login method is supported for backward compatibility and requires referencing IdmClientSdk.dll and IdmSdkWrapper.dll.

    To use the IdP authentication mechanism, develop your own authentication flow to acquire a LWSSO token from the IdP and IdM that manage authentication (see Acquire an authentication token to use for ALM APIs). Use the token you acquire to call InitConnectionWithCookiesEx Method instead of using this Login method.

  • API keys

    Available in versions: ALM 14.00 Patch 2 and later; ALM 12.60 and later

    Call the InitConnectionWithApiKey Method or InitConnectionWithApiKeyEx Method to initiate the connection and authenticate with an API key that you obtain from ALM administration. For details, see How to Manage API Keys.

Visual Basic
Public Sub Login( _
   ByVal UserName As String, _
   ByVal Password As String _

The user name or LWSSO token.

  • If you are using token-based authentication, enter the user name as recognized by the IdP handling authentication for ALM.

  • If you are using certificate-based authentication, pass an empty user name and password, and set up a certificate in the ALM Configuration Tool, in the Authentication settings tab.  
  • If you are using API key authentication, pass the Client ID that you obtained from ALM administration.


The user's password.

  • If an LWSSO token is passed as the user name, pass an empty string.

  • If you are using API key authentication, pass the API Key Secret that matches the Client ID you passed.


Before authenticating a user with Login, connect to the server with InitConnectionEx.

After a successful call to Login, the user is authenticated on the server, but not connected to any project. Therefore, the LoggedIn Property and the Connected Property are True and the ProjectConnected Property is False.

For a table of properties affected by the state of the connection, see the Remarks for the TDConnection object.

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