Build components tree

Private Function BuildComponentsTree() As Component

' Create a components folder and add a component

' Create a components folder named myComponentsFolder under the root folder,
' then find this folder by it's path, and add a component, myComponent to it.
' Return myComponent.

    Dim generalComponentFolderFactory, rootComponentFolderFactory As ComponentFolderFactory
    Dim cFolder, rootCFolder As ComponentFolder
    Dim compFactory As ComponentFactory
    Dim myComp As Component
    ' Get a general ComponentFolderFactory from the TDConnection object
    Set generalComponentFolderFactory = tdc.ComponentFolderFactory
    ' Get the root folder
    Set rootCFolder = generalComponentFolderFactory.Root
    ' Get a folders factory
    Set rootComponentFolderFactory = rootCFolder.ComponentFolderFactory
    ' Add myComponentsFolder under root
    Set cFolder = rootComponentFolderFactory.AddItem(Null) = "myComponentsFolder"
    ' Post to Server

    ' Finding my new folder, by it's path
    Set cFolder = generalComponentFolderFactory.FolderByPath("Components\myComponentsFolder2")
    ' Get a ComponentFactory
    Set compFactory = cFolder.ComponentFactory
    ' Add the component
    Set myComp = compFactory.AddItem(Null)
    Dim errString As String
    If (compFactory.IsComponentNameValid("myComponent", errString)) Then = "myComponent1"
    Else = "DefaultValidName"
    End If
    ' Using the parent folder to store it's ID in the newly created Component
    ' NOTICE ! this field is not initialized on it's own. You must do it yourself.
    myComp.Field("CO_FOLDER_ID") = cFolder.ID
    Set BuildComponentsTree = myComp
End Function