IsValidValue Method
Checks if the input value is valid for the field.
Visual Basic
Public Sub IsValidValue( _
   ByVal Value As Variant, _
   ByVal pObject As Object _
The value to check.
Any object that implements the IBaseField Interface.
Return Type

In Visual Basic, the value is returned in the error object's Number attribute . Check the value immediately after the call to IsValidValue, as any intervening call may change the error object. In other languages, check the HRESULT.

Possible values are:

  • S_OK  - Valid value. Note that valid value does not necessary mean the value can be set. For example, a value for a key field may be valid, but you cannot write to a key field. Note that in Visual Basic, S_OK is returned as zero.
  • FIELD_E_VERIFIED - Invalid value.
  • TDOLE_NONODE  - The value is rejected for any reason. For example, the field is linked to a list and the value is not in the list.
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