Add a parameter and step to a component

Private Sub AddParamAndStep(ByRef myComponent)

' Add a parameter and step to a component

    Dim compParamFactory As ComponentParamFactory
    Dim compParam1 As ComponentParam
    Dim compStepFactory As ComponentStepFactory
    Dim compStep1 As ComponentStep
' This example adds a parameter and step to the Component.
    Set compParamFactory = myComponent.ComponentParamFactory
    Set compStepFactory = myComponent.ComponentStepFactory
' Create a parameter and set the properties.
    Set compParam1 = compParamFactory.AddItem(Null)
    ' Output parameter. For ComponentParam.IsOut, 1 true and 0 is false
    compParam1.IsOut = 1 = "OutParam"
    compParam1.desc = "Description for output parameter"
    compParam1.ValueType = "String"
    compParam1.order = 1
' Create a step
    Set compStep1 = compStepFactory.AddItem(Null)
    compStep1.StepName = "First Step"
' Add description and expected results that contain parameters.
    Dim pString As String
    'Input parameter. For this example, assume that InParam was previously created.
    '   pString ="Description can contain <<<InParam>>> that are verified by QC"
    pString = "<html><body>Description can contain " _
        & "&lt;&lt;&lt;InParam&gt;&gt;&gt;" _
        & "that are verified by QC</body></html>"
    compStep1.StepDescription = pString
    'Output parameter. OutParam was previously created. badParamName was not.
    '   pString ="Can also contain <<<OutParam>>> and <<<badParamName>>>"
    'Given that badParamName is not the name of any parameter,
    '   <<<badParamName>>> will be replaced by <badParamName>, so that
    '   the user can see in the user interface that it is not recognized.
    pString = "<html><body>Can also contain " _
        & "&lt;&lt;&lt;OutParam&gt;&gt;&gt;" _
        & "and &lt;&lt;&lt;badParamName&gt;&gt;&gt;" _
        & "  </body></html>"
    compStep1.StepExpectedResult = pString

'Set the execution order
    compStep1.order = 1
'Finish the step
    'Validate will throw an exception because of the badParamName.
    '  In real production code, you may wish to catch the exception
    '  and take action rather than continuing as this example does.
    'On Error GoTo myInvalidStepHandler
    On Error Resume Next
    ' Save changes and unlock the component.
End Sub