AddItem Method
Creates a new item object.
Visual Basic
Public Function AddItem( _
   ByVal ItemData As Variant _
) As Object

There are three options for ItemData:

  • Null. Initially creating a virtual Test object with Null ensures that you cannot then Post until all required fields are initialized.
  • The test name.
  • An array consisting of the following elements:

(0) Name - The test name (required).

(1) Type - The test type (string, optional). The possible test types are detailed in the table below.

(2) Tester - The name of the user that created the test (string, optional). The default value is the name of the user currently logged in (string, optional).

(3) SubjectID - The ID of the subject folder in which to create the test (long, optional).

Return Type
                           Test Types  
Test Type Description
MANUAL Default. An ALM manual test.
WR-AUTOMATED A WinRunner automated test.
WR-BATCH A WinRunner batch test.
LR-SCENARIO A LoadRunner simulated environment test.
XR-AUTOMATED An XRunner automated test.
QUICKTEST_TEST An Astra QuickTest or QuickTest Professional test.
QTSAP-TESTCASE A QuickTest Professional for Windows Client test.
VAPI-XP-TEST A test to be performed by the API-XP test execution tool.
SYSTEM-TEST A test involving system actions.
DB-TEST A Vuser script test.
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