Add a condition to a flow

Private Sub addConditionToFlow()

' Add a condition to a flow.
    On Error GoTo handle_errors
    errmsg = ""
    Dim tstFactory As TestFactory
    Dim tst As Test
    Dim fl As IBusinessProcess2
    Dim bpComp As BPComponent
    Dim bpParam As BPParameter
    Dim foundBpComp As BPComponent
    Dim foundComp As Component
    Dim foundCompParam As ComponentParam
    Dim found As Boolean

 ' Find a test of type "Flow"
    Set tstFactory = tdc.TestFactory
    For Each tst In tstFactory.NewList("")
        If (tst.Type = "FLOW") Then
            Set fl = tst
            Exit For
        End If
    Next tst

    If fl Is Nothing Then
        MsgBox "No flow tests in project"
        Exit Sub
    End If
    Dim VersionCntl As Object
    Dim NoCheckoutError As Boolean
' Check the test out of version control and load the test.
' The code of CheckoutTest is the example to the
' Test coclass, "Checking out a Test."
    Set VersionCntl = _
        CheckoutTest(tst, "Set condition on input param", NoCheckoutError)
    If Not NoCheckoutError Then Exit Sub
    found = False

' Find an input parameter.
    For Each bpComp In fl.BPComponents
        For Each bpParam In bpComp.BPParams
            Debug.Print bpParam.ComponentParamName, bpParam.ComponentParamIsOut
            If bpParam.ComponentParamIsOut = 0 Then
                Set foundBpComp = bpComp
                Set foundComp = bpComp.Component
                Set foundCompParam = bpParam.ComponentParam
                found = True
                Exit For
            End If
        Next bpParam
        If found = True Then Exit For
    Next bpComp
    If found = False Then
        MsgBox "No input parameters in flow: " &
        Exit Sub
    End If

    ' Create a condition for the input parameter as XML:
    ' For example:
    ' <expression><leftParam type="ip" compid="1" compparamorder="0" paramid="7"
    ' flowtestid="1">param_name</leftParam><operation>eq</operation><rightParam type="value"><![CDATA
    ' [some_value]]></rightParam><otherwise>Continue</otherwise></expression>
    Dim compId As Integer
    compId = foundComp.ID
    Dim paramId As Integer
    paramId = foundCompParam.ID
    Dim flowTestId As Integer
    flowTestId = fl.ID
    ' Project must reference Microsoft XML library.
    Dim conditionDOM As DOMDocument
    Set conditionDOM = New DOMDocument
    conditionDOM.async = False
    Dim expression
    ' Create the expression.
    Set expression = conditionDOM.createElement("expression")
    conditionDOM.appendChild (expression)
    Dim lparam
    Set lparam = conditionDOM.createElement("leftParam")
    Dim attType, attCompId, attCompParamOrder, attParamId, attFlowId
    Set attType = conditionDOM.createAttribute("type")
    ' ip - for input parameters, op - for output parameters, rt - for run time parameters
    attType.value = "ip"
    lparam.setAttributeNode (attType)
    Set attCompId = conditionDOM.createAttribute("compid")
    attCompId.value = compId
    lparam.setAttributeNode (attCompId)
    Set attCompParamOrder = conditionDOM.createAttribute("compparamorder")
    attCompParamOrder.value = foundCompParam.order
    lparam.setAttributeNode (attCompParamOrder)
    Set attParamId = conditionDOM.createAttribute("paramid")
    attParamId.value = foundCompParam.ID
    lparam.setAttributeNode (attParamId)
    Set attFlowId = conditionDOM.createAttribute("flowtestid")
    attFlowId.value = fl.ID
    lparam.setAttributeNode (attFlowId)
    lparam.Text =
    expression.appendChild (lparam)
    Dim operation
    Set operation = conditionDOM.createElement("operation")
    ' eq - equal to
    ' neq - not equal to
    ' st - less than
    ' steq - less than or equal to
    ' gt - greate than
    ' gteq - greater than or equal to
    operation.Text = "eq"
    expression.appendChild (operation)
    Dim rparam
    Set rparam = conditionDOM.createElement("rightParam")
    Dim attRightParamType
    Set attRightParamType = conditionDOM.createAttribute("type")
    attRightParamType.value = "value"
    rparam.setAttributeNode (attRightParamType)
    Dim rparamValue
    ' Set the value for the condition.
    Set rparamValue = conditionDOM.createCDATASection("abcd")
    rparam.appendChild (rparamValue)
    expression.appendChild (rparam)
    Dim otherwise
    Set otherwise = conditionDOM.createElement("otherwise")
    ' Can be Continue or Fail.
    otherwise.Text = "Continue"
    expression.appendChild (otherwise)
    Debug.Print conditionDOM.xml
    ' Set the condition.
    foundBpComp.Field("BC_BPTA_CONDITION") = conditionDOM.xml
    ' Save the flow.
    On Error Resume Next
    NoCheckoutError = CheckinTest(VersionCntl, "Condition set on input param.")
    Set VersionCntl = Nothing
    Set tstFactory = Nothing
    Set tst = Nothing
    Set fl = Nothing
    Set bpComp = Nothing
    Set bpParam = Nothing
    Set foundBpComp = Nothing
    Set foundComp = Nothing
    Set foundCompParam = Nothing
    Set conditionDOM = Nothing
    Set expression = Nothing
    Set otherwise = Nothing
    Set attCompId = Nothing
    Set attCompParamOrder = Nothing
    Set attFlowId = Nothing
    Set attParamId = Nothing
    Set attRightParamType = Nothing
    Set attType = Nothing
    Set rparam = Nothing
    Set lparam = Nothing
    Set operation = Nothing

Exit Sub

    errmsg = errmsg & " Error code " & Str(err.Number)
    ErrHandler err, "addConditionToFlow", errmsg, NON_FATAL_ERROR

    Resume Next
End Sub