ITSScheduler3 Interface Members
Public Methods
Public Method RunStarts execution the test set or of the specified tests.
Public Method StopStops execution of the test set or the specified tests.
Public Properties
Public Property ChangeDetectEnabledIndicates whether change detection mode is enabled.
Public Property ExecutionLogThe execution error or log message sent by the remote agent.
Public Property ExecutionStatusThe execution status object for the scheduler execution.
Public Property HostTimeOutThe time to wait for response before either sending test to another host in group or failing.
Public Property LogEnabledIndicates if logging is enabled.
Public Property OfflineExecutionIndicates whether to execute the test in offline mode.
Public Property RunAllLocallyIndicates if all tests are to be run on the local host.
Public Property RunOnHostThe host on which to execute the test instance.
Public Property SkipNonChangeDetectableComponentsEnabledIndicates whether to skip components that are not change detectable.
Public Property TdHostNameThe host on which to run all tests in the current scheduler execution.
Public Property VM_ConfigObsolete. Do not invoke.
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