BuildSummaryGraphEx Method
Builds Req summary graph. Extends BuildSummaryGraph with ability to display Null parent folders.
Visual Basic
Public Function BuildSummaryGraphEx( _
   Optional ByVal XAxisField As String = "", _
   Optional ByVal GroupByField As String = "", _
   Optional ByVal SumOfField As String = "", _
   Optional ByVal MaxCols As Long = 0, _
   Optional ByVal Filter As Variant, _
   Optional ByVal ForceRefresh As Boolean = False, _
   Optional ByVal ShowFullPath As Boolean = False, _
   Optional ByVal ShowNullParents As Boolean = False _
) As Object
A database field representing the name of the graph x-axis.
A database field representing the name of the graph y-axis. All data in the graph is grouped according to this parameter.
For internal use.
The maximum number of groups represented in the graph. A value of 0 signifies no limit.
A TDFilter Object that sets the filter criteria for the graph.

Determines whether or not to refresh graph data on the server side. Possible values are:

  • TRUE - The graph is refreshed.
  • FALSE - The graph is not refreshed

Group instances by name or show individually based on location (path), in the created graph.

A value of True shows the full path of each instance, thus treating them as unique.

Only for Requirements mode. A value of True allows parent folders, which have no test coverage, from being viewed during Cover Status queries.
Return Type
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