Settings Object
Represents users' settings in various user-defined categories.

Settings are used by ALM to store various kinds of information, including user settings. They can also be used to store any application-specific data you wish.

Settings are organized by categories, analogous to settings folders. Each category can have any number of items. Each item has a value.

Begin use of the Settings object by using Open to restrict the scope to the desired category.

If the settings object is created using the UserSettings property of the TDConnection Object, the settings are only available to the user who saves them. If the object is created with the CommonSettings property, the settings are available to all users.

Public Methods
Public Method Close Closes and updates the category.
Public Method DeleteCategory Deletes the current settings folder.
Public Method DeleteValue Deletes the specified item.
Public Method Open Sets the category to be used in subsequent actions by the client.
Public Method Post Posts the category to the server.
Public Method Refresh Reads saved values, overwriting values in memory.
Public Properties
Public Property EnumItems Returns the list of names of the setting's items.
Public Property IsSystem Checks if the specified setting is built-in and read-only.
Public Property Value The value of the specified item in the active category.
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