Step Object Members
Public Methods
Public Method LockObjectLocks the object. Returns True if the object has been changed on the server.
Public Method PostPosts all changed values into database.
Public Method RefreshReads saved values, overwriting values in memory.
Public Method UndoUndoes changes to field values that have not been posted.
Public Method UnLockObjectUnlocks the object.
Public Properties
Public Property AttachmentsThe Attachment factory for the object.
Public Property AutoPostIf true, the database is updated immediately when the field value changes.
Public Property AutoUnlockIndicates whether to make the item changeable to other users automatically after a Refresh or Post.
Public Property BPStepParamFactoryThe BPStepParamFactory for the current step.
Public Property BugLinkFactoryThe bug link factory that manages the links of the current object to its associated defects.
Public Property DesignStepSourceThe DesignStep ID
Public Property FieldThe value of the specified field.
Public Property FieldMultiValueThe MultiValue object of the specified field.
Public Property HasAttachmentChecks if the object has one or more attachments.
Public Property HasLinkageChecks if the current object has at least one associated Bug.
Public Property HasOthersLinkageChecks if the current Bug object has at least one associated object that is not another Bug object. Defined only for Bug objects.
Public Property IDThe item ID.
Public Property IsLockedChecks if object is locked for editing.
Public Property LinkFactoryThe link factory of the current defect object that enables viewing the links. Defined only for Bug objects.
Public Property ModifiedChecks if the item has been modified since last refresh or post operation. If true, the field properties on the server side are not up to date.
Public Property NameThe run step name.
Public Property RunGets the Run object handling this step.
Public Property StatusThe run step status.
Public Property TestSourceThe test ID of the test from which this step run originates.
Public Property TypeNameThe field's type.
Public Property VirtualChecks if this is a virtual item, that is, an item that does not have a corresponding database record.
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