Find similar defects

Private Function FindSimilarBugs() As Boolean

' Search for similar defects

'This routine outputs the number of matches and the
'similarity ratios of the first and last match.
'If you run the example, you'll see that the number of
'matches drops as the similarity ratio goes up.
    Dim BugFact As BugFactory
    Dim theBug As Bug
    Dim bugList As List
    Dim FactList As FactoryList
    Dim SimRatio As Integer, cnt%
    Dim DescField As TDField, Description$
    Dim FirstLoop As Boolean
    On Error GoTo FUNC_ERR
' Get the bug factory and output the number of defects.
    'tdc is the global TDConnection object.
    Set BugFact = tdc.BugFactory
    Set bugList = BugFact.NewList("")
    cnt = bugList.Count
    Debug.Print "Total number of defects = " & cnt
' Get a bug object (not important which, for this demo).
    Set theBug = BugFact.Item(1)
' We'll be looking for Summary and Descriptions similar to these:
    Debug.Print "The Summary: " & vbCrLf & theBug.Summary
'Use Bug.Field to
' get the Description from the database field.
    Description = theBug.Field("BG_DESCRIPTION")
    Debug.Print "The Description: " & vbCrLf & Description & vbCrLf

' Note that at the low ratios it might be hard to see why the defects match.
' At the higher ratios it is clearer.
    FirstLoop = True
    For SimRatio = 10 To 100 Step 20
' Use Bug.FindSimilarBugs.
        Set FactList = theBug.FindSimilarBugs(SimRatio)
        Debug.Print "-----------------------------------------" & vbCrLf
        cnt = FactList.Count
        Debug.Print "Number of matches found for ratio of " & SimRatio & " = " & cnt
        If cnt = 0 Then Exit For
' Use FactoryList.Ratio and FactoryList.Item.

        Debug.Print "------------"
        Debug.Print "First match ID: " & FactList.Item(1).ID
        Debug.Print "Ratio of first match = " & FactList.Ratio(1)
        Debug.Print "Summary:" & vbCrLf & FactList.Item(1).Summary
        Debug.Print "Description" & vbCrLf & FactList.Item(1).Field("BG_DESCRIPTION")
        Debug.Print "------------"
        Debug.Print "Last match ID: " & FactList.Item(cnt).ID
         'The last will always be the same item. Output text once.
        If FirstLoop Then
            Debug.Print "Ratio of last match = " & FactList.Ratio(cnt)
            Debug.Print "Summary:" & vbCrLf & FactList.Item(cnt).Summary
            Debug.Print "Description" & vbCrLf & FactList.Item(cnt).Field("BG_DESCRIPTION")
            FirstLoop = False
        End If
    Next SimRatio

    FindSimilarBugs = SUCCESS
Exit Function
    FindSimilarBugs = FAILURE
End Function