StepParams Object
Deprecated. Use ParameterValue and ParameterValueFactory. A collection of test parameters.

A test parameter is a variable whose value is set at test run time.  A step parameter object handles these variables.

Get a StepParams object from DesignStep.LinkedParams, Test.Params, TSTest.Params, or Run.Params.

Public Methods
Public Method AddParamAdds a new parameter to the object.
Public Method ClearParamClears the parameter value by setting it to null.
Public Method DeleteParamDeletes the specified parameter.
Public Method RefreshRefreshes the data from the database, discarding changes.
Public Method SaveUploads the parameter definitions to the database.
Public Properties
Public Property CountThe number of parameters for the object.
Public Property ParamExistChecks if a parameter of this name exists.
Public Property ParamNameThe name of the parameter in the specified position in the StepParams collection (zero-based).
Public Property ParamValueThe value of the specified parameter.
Public Property TypeGets the parameter type: predefined, null, or regular.
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