PurgeRuns2 Method
Deletes the specified runs.
Visual Basic
Public Sub PurgeRuns2( _
   ByVal TestSetFilter As String, _
   ByVal RunFilter As String, _
   ByVal KeepLast As Long, _
   ByVal DateUnit As Variant, _
   ByVal UnitCount As Long, _
   ByVal StepsOnly As Boolean _
The filter specifying the test sets from which the runs should be deleted. The filter can be a list of cycle IDs like "1,5,78,14", a status like  "CY_STATUS='Open'", or a TDFilter.Text.

The filter specifying the runs to delete. The filter is a TDFilter.Text.

The number of most recent test instance runs not to purge.

Either a date string, in which case runs before this date are purged, or a unit code used to interpret the unit count. A unit code is one of:

1 for Days
2 for Weeks
3 for Months 
4 for Years

If DateUnit is not a date string, this is the number of units. For example, if DateUnit is 1 and UnitCount is 5, purge all runs older than 5 days.
If True, purge only the steps, but not the runs. If False, purge both the runs and steps.

KeepLast overrides OlderThan. For example, if KeepLast is 10, OlderThan is 2 and UnitCount is 5, the meaning is "Purge all runs older than 5 weeks, but keep the last 10 runs for each test instance regardless of age".

PurgeRuns2 extends PurgeRuns to enable filtering by Run fields.

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