InitConnectionWithCookiesEx Method

Initialize the connection with an ALM server using a LWSSO token you acquired from the IdP and IdM that manage authentication and get the list of ALM projects. For details, see Acquire an authentication token to use for ALM APIs.

Visual Basic
Public Function InitConnectionWithCookiesEx( _
   ByVal ServerName As String, _
   ByVal cookies As String _
) As List
The ALM URL: http://<server>[:port]/qcbin
The LWSSO token acquired from the IdP/IdM authentication process.

IdP is supported only in ALM 14.x.

After you initialize the connection, the user is authenticated, but not connected to any project. Therefore, the LoggedIn Property and the Connected Property are True and the ProjectConnected Property is False.

For a table of properties affected by the state of the connection, see the Remarks for the TDConnection object.

Return Value Details
The list of ALM projects.
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