Multiple field values

Private Function MultiBugFieldValues(bugObject As Bug, _
            Optional theField As String = "BG_USER_01") _
    As Boolean

' Get and assign multiple values for a Bug record
    On Error GoTo FUNC_ERR
    Dim BugBaseField2 As IBaseField2
    Dim MultiV As MultiValue
    Dim MVList As TDAPIOLELib.List
    Dim aVal As Variant
    Debug.Print "Initial multi-value field"

' Cast the Bug object to get an IBaseField2 reference
' from which to get the MultiValue object.
    Set BugBaseField2 = bugObject
    Set MultiV = BugBaseField2.FieldMultiValue(theField)
' Get the text.
    Debug.Print "MultiV.Text: " & MultiV.Text
    '  Emma;Mansfield Park;Northanger Abbey
' Get the List.
    Set MVList = MultiV.List
    For Each aVal In MVList
        Debug.Print aVal
        '    Emma
        '    Mansfield Park
        '    Northanger Abbey
' Enter new values in the MultiValue object.
    MultiV.Text = "Sense and Sensibility;Pride and Predjudice;Persuasion"
'Use the MultiValue object to assign the new values to the bug record.
    BugBaseField2.FieldMultiValue(theField) = MultiV
    Debug.Print "Modified multi-value field"
' Get the modified list.
    For Each aVal In MVList
        Debug.Print aVal
        '    Persuasion
        '    Pride and Predjudice
        '    Sense and Sensibility
    MultiBugFieldValues = SUCCESS
Exit Function
    MultiBugFieldValues = FAILURE
End Function