TDFilter Object Members
Public Methods
Public Method Clear Clears the current filter.
Public Method GetTypedFields The list of fields for the given type.
Public Method GetXFilter Gets the cross filter specified by CrossEntities.
Public Method IsClear Checks whether the filter is clear, including cross-filter settings.
Public Method IsFieldRelevantToType Indicates whether the field is used in this type.
Public Method IsFieldRequiredInType Indicates whether the field is required in this type.
Public Method NewList Creates a new list from current filter.
Public Method Refresh Reads saved data and refreshes the fetched list according to the current filter, overwriting values in memory.
Public Method SetXFilter Sets the filter for second entity, called a cross filter.
Public Properties
Public Property CaseSensitive Indicates if the filter for the specified field is case sensitive. The default is False.
Public Property DataType The filtered entity type.
Public Property FetchLimit Maximum number of results to return from server.
Public Property Fields The value of the specified field.
Public Property Filter The filter condition for the field specified by the FieldName.
Public Property Order The position of the specified field in the list of the sort fields. (zero-based).
Public Property OrderDirection The sort order: TDOLE_ASCENDING or TDOLE_DESCENDING.
Public Property Text The full fields filter as text.
Public Property XFilter The cross filter according to the entity type.
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