TDMailConditions Object
Services for managing automatic mail notifications.

Automatic mail notification is sent when a defect changes and there is a mail condition defined for the change.
A condition consists of two parameters:

  • Mail recipient - specifies who will be receiving the notification
  • Defect matching rule - a filter string, generally a TDFilter.Text

There are two ways to specify a mail recipient: direct and indirect.
To specify a recipient directly, use the  user name.
To specify a recipient indirectly, use the  name of field that holds the user name. Indirect recipient specifications can only use the Detected By (BG_DETECTED_BY) and Assigned To (BG_RESPONSIBLE) fields.

The TDMailConditions object for the connection is TDConnection.MailConditions.

Public Methods
Public Method Close Closes and updates Mail Condition.
Public Method DeleteCondition Deletes the Mail Condition.
Public Method Load Loads Mail Conditions.
Public Method LockObject Locks the object. Returns True if the object has been changed on the server.
Public Method UnLockObject Unlocks the object.
Public Properties
Public Property Condition The defect-matching rule.
Public Property IsLocked Checks if object is locked for editing.
Public Property ItemList Gets the list of Mail Condition Users.
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