VCS Object Members
Public Methods
Public Method CheckInChecks in an object.
Public Method CheckInAndOverrideLastVersionOverrides the last version and performs a check-in. The version number is not promoted.
Public Method CheckInExChecks in an object.
Public Method CheckOutChecks out an object.
Public Method ClearViewFor future use.
Public Method RefreshRefreshes the VCS object from the server to the client, overwriting values in memory.
Public Method UndoCheckoutUndoes the check out operation, falling back to the current version on the server.
Public Method VersionsEx2Returns a list of references to IVersionEntity.
Public Properties
Public Property CheckoutInfoA reference to a VersionItem object, containing the checkout information of the current object.
Public Property CurrentVersionThe current object latest version.
Public Property IsCheckedOutChecks if the object is in CHECKED-OUT or GET status.
Public Property IsLockedObsolete. Always returns false.
Public Property LockedByThe name of the locking user.
Public Property VersionThe version the current user is viewing.
Public Property VersionInfoA reference to a VersionItem object containing information about a specific version, specified by the Version argument.
Public Property VersionsExA list of IVersionItem references for accessing the details of each version of the object.
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