tagTDMAIL_FLAGS Enumeration
Items to include in mail.
TDMAIL_ACTIVITIES512Include activities of Model.
TDMAIL_ATTACHMENT1Send the entity's attachments.
TDMAIL_ATTACHMENT_DES_STEP32768Include attachments of design steps.
TDMAIL_COMMENT_AS_BODY64Use the Comment argument of the Mail method as the message body. Used by UI when sending custom e-mail.
TDMAIL_COVER_TEST16Include test coverage. Applies only to requirements.
TDMAIL_DES_STEP8Include design steps.
TDMAIL_HISTORY2Include the entity's history.
TDMAIL_LINKAGE2048Include linkage of Model.
TDMAIL_PATHS1024Include paths of Model.
TDMAIL_RUN_STEP4096Include run steps. For test instance,includes steps of most recent run.
TDMAIL_RUNS8192Applies to test instance. Include run steps of most recent run.
TDMAIL_SEND_TO_OWNER_ON_ASYNC_FAIL16384Applies to any email message. Indicates that if message sent in ASYNC mode and failed, it will be re-sent to sender.
TDMAIL_SINGLEMAIL32Single Mail.(Obsolete. Retained for backward compatibility).
TDMAIL_SNAPSHOT256Include snapshot for component.
TDMAIL_TEXT4Send mail as plain test.
TDMAIL_TRACE_REQ128Include traced requirements.