General error codes.
Member Value Description
ATT_E_BLOCKED_FILE_TYPE 1462 Error creating attachment with blocked file type.
ATT_E_CREATE 1461 Failed to create attachment.
ATT_E_INVALID_REQUEST 1463 Invalid request for attachment.
ATT_E_NOT_FOUND 1460 The attachment does not exist.
ATT_E_OBJECT_HAS_ATTACHMENT 1465 Object cannot have an attachment.
ATT_E_RENAME 1464 Failed to rename attachment.
ATT_E_TOO_LARGE 1466 File exceeds permitted size.
BPCOMPONENT_E_CREATE 24004 New BP Component creation failed.
BPITERATION_E_CREATE 24005 New BP Iteration creation failed.
BPITERATIONPARAM_E_CREATE 24007 New BP Iteration Parameter creation failed.
BPPARAMETER_E_CREATE 24006 New BP Parameter creation failed.
BUG_E_CREATE 1262 Failure to create log.
BUG_E_DELETE 1261 Failure to delete bug.
BUG_E_NOT_FOUND 1260 The specified bug does not exist.
CANT_COPY_CHECKEDOUT_DATA 1662 Cannot copy. Related entities are checked out.
COL_E_NOT_FOUND 1240 The specified column does not exist.
COMPONENT_E_CREATE 7004 Error creating component.
COMPONENTFOLDER_E_CREATE 7005 Error creating component folder.
COMPONENTPARAM_E_CREATE 7006 Error creating component parameter.
COMPONENTSTEP_E_CREATE 7008 Error creating component.
COND_E_CREATE 1441 Failed to create a new condition.
COND_E_INVALIDTYPE 1442 The condition type is invalid.
COND_E_NOT_FOUND 1440 The condition does not exist.
COPY_SUBJECT_E_TO_ITSELF 1660 Cannot paste subject to itself.
DESSTEP_E_CREATE 1501 Failed to create design step.
DESSTEP_E_DELETE 1502 Failed to remove the specified design step.
DESSTEP_E_NOT_FOUND 1500 The specified design step does not exist.
EVENT_ERR_DISABLE 1800 The operation has been prevented by the error handler.
EXSTORAGE_BLOCKED_FILE_TYPE 1592 Extended storage upload blocked file type error.
EXSTORAGE_CANCEL 1580 The extended storage action has been canceled.
EXSTORAGE_CANT_CREATE 1586 Cannot create one of the following objects: path, file or ES object itself.
EXSTORAGE_EMPTY_ClIENT_PATH 1589 Client path is empty.
EXSTORAGE_EMPTY_SERVER_PATH 1588 Server path is empty.
EXSTORAGE_ERROR_PERMISSION 1591 Extended storage access permission error.
EXSTORAGE_ERROR_SERVER_PATH 1590 Server path does not exist.
EXSTORAGE_INTERNET 1587 Internet connection specific error.
EXSTORAGE_INVALID_FILTER 1582 Filter is invalid.
EXSTORAGE_INVALID_PATH 1585 The Extended Storage path is not valid.
EXSTORAGE_IO_OPERATION_DISABLED 1584 Extended Storage IO operation disabled.
EXSTORAGE_OCCIPIED 1581 Extended Storage is currently busy.
FACET_E_CREATE 24008 New Facet creation failed.
FAILED_CHECKIN 22222 Check-in failure.
FAILED_CHECKOUT 22223 Check-out failure.
FIELD_E_IS_KEY 1303 The field is a database key field.
FIELD_E_NO_EDIT 1304 The field is a read-only field.
FIELD_E_NO_PERMISSION 1300 No permission to modify the field.
FIELD_E_NOT_ACTIVE 1302 The field is not an active field.
FIELD_E_REQUIRED 1307 The field is a required field.
FIELD_E_SYS_FIELD 1301 The field is a system field.
FIELD_E_TRANSITION 1306 Error in field defined transition logic.
FIELD_E_VERIFIED 1305 Field verification failure.
FIELD_INVALID 1308 Invalid field value.
FIELD_NAME_INVALID 1309 Invalid field name.
FILTER_E_INVALIDNAME 1342 The filter condition name is invalid.
FILTER_E_INVALIDPATH_ATTR 1345 Invalid system node path.
FILTER_E_INVALIDVALUE 1341 The defined filter value is invalid.
FILTER_E_NOVALUE 1340 No filter value is defined.
FILTER_S_DATE_COMPLEX 1343 Invalid date.
FILTER_S_LIST_BY_CODE 1344 Invalid code.
GRAPH_DATA_EMPTY 1700 No graph data exists.
HOST_E_DELETE 1620 Failed to delete host.
HOST_E_NOT_FOUND 1621 Host does not exist.
HOSTGROUP_E_NOT_FOUND 1640 Host group does not exist.
ILLEGAL_DATE 8507 The entity's start date cannot be earlier than today.
IMPEXP_RESOURCE_DOESNT_EXIST 7100 Import/Export resource does not exist.
ITEM_E_NO_ADD 1421 No permission to create a new item.
ITEM_E_NO_REMOVE 1422 No permission to remove an item.
ITEM_E_NOT_FOUND 1420 The item does not exist.
LINK_E_CREATE 1970 Failure to create a new link.
LIST_E_EMPTY 1220 The created list is empty.
LIST_E_FILTER 1221 Bad list filter.
MAILCONDITION_E_NOT_FOUND 1850 Mail condition does not exist.
MAX_LIMIT_EXCEEDED 9200 You cannot add more entities of this type to this parent.
PARAM_E_INVALID 1202 Invalid parameter value.
PARAM_E_NOT_FOUND 1201 The necessary parameter was not found.
PARAM_E_WRONG_NUM 1200 The wrong number of parameters for the defined statement.
REQ_E_CREATE 1364 Failed to create a new requirement.
REQ_E_DELETE 1366 Failed to remove the specified requirement.
REQ_E_INVALIDFATHERID 1362 The father ID is invalid.
REQ_E_INVALIDMODE 1365 The mode flag is invalid for the requirement options: copy, remove and find.
REQ_E_INVALIDORDER 1361 The requirement order is invalid.
REQ_E_INVALIDTYPE 1363 The requirement type is invalid.
REQ_E_NOT_FOUND 1360 The specified requirement does not exist.
REQ_MOVE_LIST_INVALID_PARAMS 1367 Invalid parameters sent to IReqFactory.MoveRequirements method.
REQ_PROPERTY_READ_ONLY 1368 This property is read-only.
RSC_E_CHANGE_TYPE 1993 Change of resource type after creation failed.
RSC_E_EXTENDED_STORAGE_REQUEST_FAIL 1991 External resource request to extended storage failed.
RSC_E_INVALID_REQUEST 1990 Invalid request for external resource.
RSC_E_VIRTUAL_OBJECT 1992 Download or upload of virtual object failed.
RUN_E_CREATE 1541 Failed to create Run.
RUN_E_DELETE 1542 Failed to delete Run.
RUN_E_NOT_FOUND 1540 Run does not exist.
SERVER_NOT_CONNECTED 1600 Server is not connected.
STEP_E_COPY_STEPS_OF_RUN 1563 No permission to modify design steps - steps won't be copied to the corresponding test.
STEP_E_CREATE 1561 Failed to create Step.
STEP_E_DELETE 1562 Failed to delete Step.
STEP_E_NOT_FOUND 1560 Step does not exist.
TDAPI_BL_AFTER_IMPORT_NOT_EXIST_ERROR_CODE 23002 The baseline, which was created after last library import or sync, was deleted. Synchronization is impossible.
TDAPI_BL_NOT_EXIST_ERROR_CODE 23004 Compare or synchronization operations could not start because one of the baselines does not exist.
TDAPI_CANNOT_ADD_USER_BY_DOMAIN 7203 This user cannot be added to any project in this domain.
TDAPI_CANNOT_CHANGE_USER_DATA_ON_EXTERNAL_AUTHENTICATION 1326 User data cannot be updated while external authentication is enabled
TDAPI_CANT_COPY_NO_SUBTYPE 1664 Cannot copy. Entity Subtype does not exist in target project.
TDAPI_CLIENT_CERTIFICATE_ERROR 1155 Client certificate error.
TDAPI_COMPARISON_NODE_EXISTS 8013 ComparisonNode exists.
TDAPI_CROSSPROJECT_FIELD_INTERSECT_GENERAL_ERROR 24000 A cross-project field intersection operation failed unexpectedly.
TDAPI_CROSSPROJECT_FIELD_INTERSECT_PROJECTS_MISSING_ERROR 24002 A cross-project field intersection operation failed because the selected projects do not exist.
TDAPI_CROSSPROJECT_FIELD_INTERSECT_PROJECTS_STATE_ERROR 24001 A cross-project field intersection operation failed because of an invalid project state.
TDAPI_CROSSPROJECT_FIELD_INTERSECT_UNSUPPORTED_ENTITY_ERROR 24003 Indicates that a cross-project field intersection operation has failed because the selected entity or entities are not supported by one or more projects.
TDAPI_DISCONNECTED_BY_ADMIN 1077 The project was disconnected by the administrator.
TDAPI_E_CANNOT_RUN_PINNED_TEST_SET 1289 Cannot run pinned test. The test calls tests outside of the baseline.
TDAPI_E_DEFECT_LINKED_TO_ITSELF 1972 Cannot link a defect to itself.
TDAPI_E_LINK_EXISTS 1971 Those entities are already linked.
TDAPI_E_LINK_TEST_CIRCLUATION 1287 Cannot link to test because this would create a circular reference.
TDAPI_ERROR_PATH_PERMISSION 1071 File system permission error.
TDAPI_EXP_LIB_BL_NOT_EXIST_ERROR_CODE 23001 The baseline from which the library was imported was deleted. Comparison is impossible.
TDAPI_FAIL_TO_SMALL_COMPARE 23005 Compare entities failed.
TDAPI_FAILED_TO_LOGIN 30006 Failed to login.
TDAPI_FAILED_TO_RECONNECT 1078 Cannot connect to the project.
TDAPI_GRAPH_RELEASE_CYCLE_DATE_MISSING 1701 Cannot create release coverage progress graph. One or more cycles are missing a start date.
TDAPI_LIB_CANNOT_IMPORT_UNDER_ITSELF 23201 Cannot import a folder under itself or under one of its sub-folders.
TDAPI_LIB_NOT_EXIST_ERROR_CODE 23003 Compare or synchronization operations could not start because one of the libraries does not exist.
TDAPI_LICENSE_RESTICTED_ACTION 1073 Action restricted by license.
TDAPI_MAXIMUM_PATH_LIMIT_EXCEEDED 11117 Maximum path limit exceeded. Cannot add children to entity.
TDAPI_NON_ACTIVE_USER_ERRCODE 1325 The user is not an active user.
TDAPI_OBJECT_NOT_EXISTS 10750 No object exists.
TDAPI_PARAM_VALUE_E_DELETE 5002 Failed to remove the specified Parameter Value.
TDAPI_PARAM_VALUE_ILLEGAL_PUT_FIELD 5001 An Illegal put_field command was received (Only actual_value may be modified).
TDAPI_PROJECT_INACTIVE_ERROR 9002 Project is inactive. Cannot connect.
TDAPI_REPORT_PROJECT_TEMPLATE_DUPLICATE 12001 Report Project Template duplicate name.
TDAPI_REPORT_PROJECT_TEMPLATE_ILLEGAL_NAME 12002 Report Project Template illegal name.
TDAPI_REPORT_PROJECT_TEMPLATE_IS_TEMPLATE 12004 A Template that is linked to a template cannot be deleted or modified.
TDAPI_REPORT_PROJECT_TEMPLATE_LOAD_FAILED 12003 Report Project Template load failure.
TDAPI_REPORT_PROJECT_TEMPLATE_NOT_FOUND 12000 Report Project Template not found.
TDAPI_REQ_EXISTS_ABORT 2056 Duplicate requirement name - requirement was not created.
TDAPI_REQ_TRACEABILITY_MATRIX_FUSE_ERROR 2062 Number of core requirements in traceability matrix exceeds fuse.
TDAPI_REQ_VIOLATION_OF_TYPE_HIER_RULES 2060 Violation of requirements-tree hierarchy rules.
TDAPI_RESOURCE_FILE_DOES_NOT_EXIST 8206 Cannot upload file that does not exist on the file system.
TDAPI_RESOURCE_FILE_EXISTS 8205 Resource file exists.
TDAPI_SHARING_ILLEGAL_DOMAIN 11115 Could not find domain from which library was created.
TDAPI_SHARING_ILLEGAL_PROJECT 11116 Could not find project from which library was created.
TDAPI_SOME_CONFIGS_NOT_IN_BASELINE 4003 Some of the test configurations were not added since they do not belong to the required baseline or they do not support pinning to a baseline.
TDAPI_SOME_TEST_CONFIGS_NOT_CHECKED_IN 4002 Some of the test configurations were not added to the test set because they were never checked in.
TDAPI_SOME_TESTS_NOT_IN_BASELINE 4001 Some of the tests were not added since they do not belong to the required baseline or they do not support pinning to a baseline.
TDAPI_TEST_CONFIG_EXISTS 8210 Duplicate Test Configuration name.
TDAPI_TEST_NOT_IN_BASELINE 4000 One or more tests does not belong to the requested baseline.
TDAPI_TEST_PARAM_DUPLICATE_NAME 8203 Duplicate test parameter names.
TDAPI_TEXT_SEARCH_INDEX_MISSING 2205 Columns marked as searchable are not indexed in database.
TDAPI_USER_ALREADY_EXISTS 1327 Failed create user. User already exists
TDAPI_VC_NOT_AUTHORIZED_TO_UNDO 22224 User is not authorized to force undo.
TDAPI_VCS_VERSION_ALREADY_EXIST_IN_HIST 11114 Cannot check in. Version number already exists.
TDOLE_ADMIN_NOT_CONNECTED 10740 User is not connected as an administrator.
TDOLE_ANALYSIS_ITEM_EXISTS 8112 Analysis item exists.
TDOLE_ANALYSIS_ITEM_FOLDER_EXISTS 8111 Analysis item folder exists.
TDOLE_ANALYSIS_ITEM_FOLDER_PUBLIC_STATE_MISMATCH 8115 Analysis item folder public status cannot be set.
TDOLE_ANALYSIS_ITEM_INVALID_OWNER 8118 Owner properties mismatch.
TDOLE_ANALYSIS_ITEM_PUBLIC_STATE_MISMATCH 8116 Analysis item public status cannot be set.
TDOLE_ANALYSIS_ITEM_TYPE 8114 Analysis item type missing or invalid.
TDOLE_ANSWERLESS_QUESTION_FOUND 1680 Found a criterion without values.
TDOLE_APP_ENTITY_FOLDER_EXISTS 50055 Duplicate Application Entity folder name.
TDOLE_ATBOF 1016 The beginning of the table has been reached.
TDOLE_ATEOF 1015 The end of the table has been reached.
TDOLE_BAD_ATT_STREAM 1066 Attachment stream is invalid.
TDOLE_BAD_FILTER_1 1101 Invalid filter.
TDOLE_BAD_FILTER_2 1102 Invalid filter.
TDOLE_BAD_FILTER_3 1103 Invalid filter.
TDOLE_BAD_FILTER_4 1104 Invalid filter.
TDOLE_BAD_FILTER_5 1105 Invalid filter.
TDOLE_BAD_FILTER_6 1106 Invalid filter.
TDOLE_BAD_FILTER_7 1107 Invalid filter.
TDOLE_BAD_FILTER_END 1110 Invalid filter.
TDOLE_BAD_FILTER_START 1100 Invalid filter.
TDOLE_BAD_REQUEST 1065 Invalid request format.
TDOLE_BASELINE_CAPTURE_NO_PERMISSION 8012 No permission to capture baseline.
TDOLE_BASELINE_EXISTS 8010 Baseline exists.
TDOLE_BPM_FOLDER_EXISTS 8209 BPM folder exists.
TDOLE_BUSINESS_VIEW_E_CANNOT_LOAD 9403 Business Views Customization cannot be loaded.
TDOLE_BUSINESS_VIEW_E_NOT_FOUND 9401 Duplicate Business View Name.
TDOLE_BUSINESS_VIEW_EMPTY_LABEL 9405 Business View label cannot be empty.
TDOLE_BUSINESS_VIEW_EMPTY_NAME 9402 Business View name cannot be empty.
TDOLE_BUSINESS_VIEW_LABEL_E_DUPLICATE 9404 Duplicate Business View Label.
TDOLE_BUSINESS_VIEW_TECHNICAL_NAME_E_DUPLICATE 9400 Duplicate Business View Technical Name.
TDOLE_CALL_ORDER 5021 Cannot update Step parameter value.
TDOLE_CAN_NOT_COMNMIT_RBT_CUSTOMIZATION 1682 Cannot Commit Risk-based Quality Management customizations due to failed validators.
TDOLE_CAN_UPDATE_UDFS 1076 Cannot update user-defined field customization.
TDOLE_CANNTBUILDTREE 1031 Cannot build the test plan tree.
TDOLE_CANNTOPENCYCLETB 1028 Cannot open Cycle table.
TDOLE_CANNTOPENDESSTEPTB 1029 Cannot open Dessteps table.
TDOLE_CANNTOPENHISTTB 1030 Cannot open History table.
TDOLE_CANNTOPENRUNTB 1026 Cannot open Run table.
TDOLE_CANNTOPENSTEPTB 1025 Cannot open Step table.
TDOLE_CANNTOPENTESTCYCLTB 1027 Cannot open Testcycle table.
TDOLE_CANNTOPENTESTTB 1024 Cannot open Test table.
TDOLE_CHANGE_ENTITY_FOLDER_EXISTS 50056 Duplicate Change Entity folder name.
TDOLE_CHANGED 1020 The API has changed.
TDOLE_COMPARE_NO_PERMISSION 8014 No permission to perform Compare.
TDOLE_COMPONENT_EXISTS 7001 Component exists.
TDOLE_COMPONENT_FOLDER_EXISTS 7002 Component folder exists.
TDOLE_COMPONENT_PARAM_EXISTS 7003 Component parameter exists.
TDOLE_COPY_PASTE_ANALYSIS_ELEMENT_EXISTS 8119 Duplicate item is created during Copy/Paste operation.
TDOLE_COPY_PASTE_DASHBOARD_ELEMENT_EXISTS 8309 Duplicates created during Dashboard Copy Paste.
TDOLE_COPY_PASTE_SOURCE_ANALYSIS_ELEMENT_DOESNT_EXIST 8120 Copied Analysis Element either does not exist or is located in a private sub tree to which the logged in user has no access.
TDOLE_COPY_PASTE_SOURCE_DASHBOARD_ELEMENT_DOESNT_EXIST 8310 Copied Dashboard Element does not exist.
TDOLE_COPY_PASTE_TARGET_ANALYSIS_ELEMENT_DOESNT_EXIST 8121 Target folder either does not exist or is located in a private sub tree to which the logged in user has not access.
TDOLE_COPY_PASTE_TARGET_DASHBOARD_ELEMENT_DOESNT_EXIST 8311 Target Dashboard Element does not exist.
TDOLE_CORRUPTED_DATA_HIDING 9001 Failure in data hiding filter for login.
TDOLE_CYCLE_EXISTS 1082 Duplicate TestSet name.
TDOLE_DASHBOARD_FOLDER_EXISTS 8301 Dashboard folder exists.
TDOLE_DASHBOARD_FOLDER_PUBLIC_STATE_MISMATCH 8305 Dashboard folder public status cannot be set.
TDOLE_DASHBOARD_ITEM_IN_PAGE_EXISTS 8304 Dashboard item in page exists.
TDOLE_DASHBOARD_PAGE_EXISTS 8302 Dashboard exists.
TDOLE_DASHBOARD_PAGE_PUBLIC_STATE_MISMATCH 8306 Dashboard page public status cannot be set.
TDOLE_DATA_CORRUPTION 5020 Data is corrupted.
TDOLE_DB_TABLE_NAME 2000 No table exists by the specific name.
TDOLE_DBLIMIT 1008 The maximum number of projects is open.
TDOLE_DBNOTCONNECTED 1021 The API is not connected to a project.
TDOLE_DBVERMISMATCH 1009 Project version mismatch.
TDOLE_DIFFERENT_UDFS 1950 Method is disabled by the event handler.
TDOLE_DUPLICATENODENAME 1080 Duplicate SysTreeNode name.
TDOLE_E_BPT_COMPONENT_STEP_VALIDATION_FAILED 7010 Business process test component step validation failed.
TDOLE_E_BPT_ITERATIONS_MISMATCH 7009 Business process test iterations mismatch.
TDOLE_E_CANT_DELETE_APPLICATION_AREA_AS_IT_IS_USED 7014 Cannot delete Application Area resource since it's in use by other objects.
TDOLE_E_CHACHE 6700 Failed to cache object.
TDOLE_E_COMPONENT_RESTORE_FOLDER_DOESNT_EXISTS 7015 Unable to restore component - the original location no longer exists
TDOLE_E_CREATE_LOG_FILE 1112 Cannot create log file.
TDOLE_E_FLOW_OUTPUT_PARAM_NOT_VALID 7011 Flow output parameter is not valid.
TDOLE_E_INITIALIZE 5200 Customization objects not initialized.
TDOLE_E_NON_PROJECT_SPECIFIC_BPT 7007 Non-project-specific business process test.
TDOLE_E_PERMISSION 6100 There is no permission to proceed with this action.
TDOLE_E_START_RUNS 1113 Cannot execute test.
TDOLE_ENTITY_EXISTS 1083 Duplicate entity.
TDOLE_ERR_SETTING_PARENT_ID_TO_DESCENDANT 11113 Response has been tampered.
TDOLE_ERROR_CANT_CHANGE_SUBTYPE 1072 Entity subtype change error.
TDOLE_ERROR_FILESYSTEM 1069 File system error.
TDOLE_ERROR_PATH_NOT_FOUND 1070 File system path is not valid.
TDOLE_EXCEL_REPORT_RESULT_SET_TO_LARGE 8122 Result Frec is to big to be allocated on client machine.
TDOLE_FAIL_TO_CHANGE_EMAIL 7202 Email change is not allowed.
TDOLE_FAIL_TO_COMMIT_CUSTOMIZATION 7204 Failed to commit customization.
TDOLE_FAIL_TO_REMOVE_TYPE_COVERAGE 7201 Failed to remove coverage from requirement type.
TDOLE_FAILED_LOCK_REMOVE 10710 Failed to unlock object.
TDOLE_FAILED_TO_AUTHENTICATE_TT_VERSION 20950 Testing tool version not compatible.
TDOLE_FAILED_TO_AUTHENTICATE_USER 20900 Failed to Authenticate User.
TDOLE_FAILED_TO_GET_CUR_VER 1044 Failed to get the working version of the test.
TDOLE_FAILED_TO_SET_CUR_VER 1043 Failed to set the working version of the test.
TDOLE_FAVORITE_EXISTS 8102 Favorite exists.
TDOLE_FAVORITE_FOLDER_EXISTS 8101 Favorite folder exists.
TDOLE_FIELD_ONLY_FOR_VIRTUAL 6032 Field exists in the virtual object only.
TDOLE_GENERROR 1002 General error.
TDOLE_ILLEGALDBNAME 1005 Wrong Quality Center project name.
TDOLE_ILLEGALPASSWORD 1004 Wrong user name or password.
TDOLE_ILLEGALSUBJECTPATH 1018 The specified subject path does not exist.
TDOLE_ILLEGALUSERNAME 1152 Wrong user name.
TDOLE_INTERNAL 5010 An Internal error has occurred.
TDOLE_INVALID_INPROCESS 5220 Statistic object is not initialized.
TDOLE_INVALID_OBJECT 6000 Invalid object has been passed.
TDOLE_INVALID_OBJECT_KEY 6001 No object exists.
TDOLE_INVALID_PARAM 5100 Invalid TD parameter.
TDOLE_INVALID_PARAM_ENUM 5105 Invalid TD parameter list.
TDOLE_INVALID_PARAM_FORMAT 5104 Invalid TD parameter format.
TDOLE_INVALID_PARAM_NUM 5103 Invalid TD parameter number.
TDOLE_INVALID_PARAM_RANGE 5102 Invalid TD parameter range.
TDOLE_INVALID_PARAM_TYPE 5101 Invalid TD parameter type.
TDOLE_INVALID_REQUEST 5210 Invalid request.
TDOLE_INVALIDATTRNAME 1017 The specified attribute does not exist.
TDOLE_INVALIDNODEID 1022 The specified node ID is invalid.
TDOLE_KPI_FAILED_TO_DELETE_THRESHOLD_VALUE 8505 The Starting and Ending Threshold Values cannot be deleted.
TDOLE_KPI_MILESTONE_SCOPEITEM_CREATE_NOT_ALLOWED 8515 Creation of KPIMilestoneScopeItem is not allowed.
TDOLE_KPI_MILESTONE_SCOPEITEM_DELETE_NOT_ALLOWED 8514 Deletion of KPIMilestoneScopeItem is not allowed.
TDOLE_KPITYPE_E_CANNOT_LOAD 9203 KPI Types Customization cannot be loaded.
TDOLE_KPITYPE_E_IS_REFERENCED 9206 A KPI Type that is used by a KPI cannot be deleted.
TDOLE_KPITYPE_E_IS_TEMPLATE 9207 A KPI Type that is linked to a template cannot be deleted or modified.
TDOLE_KPITYPE_E_NOT_FOUND 9201 KPI Type not found.
TDOLE_KPITYPE_EMPTY_NAME 9204 KPI Types Customization name cannot be empty.
TDOLE_KPITYPE_NEGATIVE_DEFAULT_TOLERANCE 9205 KPI Types Customization tolerance cannot be negative.
TDOLE_LIBRARY_EXISTS 8008 Library exists.
TDOLE_LIBRARY_FOLDER_EXISTS 8007 Library folder exists.
TDOLE_LIBRARY_IMPORT_NO_PERMISSION 8009 No permission to import library.
TDOLE_LIBRARY_SYNC_NO_PERMISSION 8011 No permission to sync libraries.
TDOLE_LICENSE_DENIED 1056 No license to access this module.
TDOLE_LICENSE_GENERROR 1059 Failed to extract license status.
TDOLE_LICENSE_KEY_EXPIRED 1060 License expired.
TDOLE_LICENSE_MUID_NOT_FOUND 1062 Invalid license.
TDOLE_LICENSE_NOT_INITILIZED 1058 No license to access this module.
TDOLE_LICENSE_OVERFLOW_ALERT 1057 No license to access this module.
TDOLE_LOGIN_INPUT_PROPERTY_DOES_NOT_EXIST 30002 The input property does not exist.
TDOLE_LOGIN_INPUT_VALUE_EXCEED_MAX_LENGTH 30003 The input string is too long.
TDOLE_MAIL_BAD_FROM_FIELD 1052 The 'From' parameter is invalid.
TDOLE_MAIL_ERR_PARSING_PARAMS 1048 The mail format is incorrect.
TDOLE_MAIL_ERR_SENDING 1051 Failure sending mail.
TDOLE_MAIL_ERROR_BAD_ENTITY 1081 Cannot find entity by e-mail.
TDOLE_MAIL_GENERROR 1049 General mail error.
TDOLE_MAIL_LOGIN_FAILURE 1050 The mailbox login is incorrect.
TDOLE_MAIL_NO_ERROR 1045 No error encountered.
TDOLE_MAIL_NO_TO_FIELD 1047 The wrong 'To:' address.
TDOLE_MAIL_WARNING_BAD_OR_EMPTY_USER_OR_USERGROUP 1410 One or more e-mail addresses are invalid.
TDOLE_MANUALTEST 1019 The specified test type is not an automatic test.
TDOLE_MAXIMUM_PATH_DEPTH_EXCEEDED 11122 Maximum path depth limit exceeded.
TDOLE_NO_IDAPI_DLL 1010 No BDE is installed.
TDOLE_NO_MAIL_DLL 1046 The mail DLL was not found.
TDOLE_NOABSOLUTEPATH 1054 No absolute path.
TDOLE_NOASSOCIATEDROOT 1032 No associated tree root.
TDOLE_NOCONFIGFILE 1003 The BDE configuration file not found.
TDOLE_NODBDIR 1006 The Quality Center project directory was not found.
TDOLE_NODE_EXISTS 1661 Duplicate Tree node name.
TDOLE_NODIRECTORY 1014 The specified directory does not exist.
TDOLE_NOFIELD 1012 The specified field does not exist.
TDOLE_NONODE 1023 The specified node does not exist.
TDOLE_NOT_LOGGED_IN 30001 Attempt to connect to project when no user logged in.
TDOLE_NOT_VIRTUAL 6030 Object not virtual.
TDOLE_NOTAUTOTEST 1013 The test is not an automated test.
TDOLE_NOTESTDIR 1007 The Test Repository was not found.
TDOLE_OBJECT_DELETED 6002 Object was deleted by another user.
TDOLE_OBJECT_LOCKED 10720 Object locked by another user.
TDOLE_OBJECT_NOT_INITIALIZED 6003 Object is not initialized.
TDOLE_OBJNOTINITIALIZED 1001 Quality Center server object not initialized.
TDOLE_OTA_VERSION_NOT_COMPATIBLE 30005 OTA version is not compatible.
TDOLE_OWNED_BY_INVALID 8402 The owned by entity does not exist.
TDOLE_OWNER_INVALID 8401 The owner entity does not exist.
TDOLE_PARENT_ANALYSIS_ITEM_FOLDER_PROPERTY_MISMATCH 8113 Analysis item folder properties mismatch.
TDOLE_PARENT_ANALYSIS_ITEM_PROPERTY_MISMATCH 8117 Analysis item properties mismatch.
TDOLE_PARENT_DASHBOARD_FOLDER_PROPERTY_MISMATCH 8303 Dashboard folder properties mismatch.
TDOLE_PARENT_DASHBOARD_PAGE_PROPERTY_MISMATCH 8307 Dashboard page properties mismatch.
TDOLE_PARENT_FAVORITE_FOLDER_PROPERTY_MISMATCH 8103 Favorite folder properties mismatch.
TDOLE_PARENT_PROPERTY_MISMATCH 8308 Parent property mismatch.
TDOLE_QUESTION_WITH_DUPLICATE_ANSWERS_FOUND 1681 Found a criterion with duplicate values.
TDOLE_READ_ONLY_FIELD 11112 Cannot modify read-only field.
TDOLE_RECCOVER_EXISTS 1068 Duplicate requirement coverage.
TDOLE_RECNOTFOUND 1011 No record matches the key value.
TDOLE_RELEASE_EXISTS 8005 Release exists.
TDOLE_RELEASE_FOLDER_EXISTS 8004 Release folder exists.
TDOLE_RELEASECYCLE_EXISTS 8006 ReleaseCycle exists.
TDOLE_REQ_EXISTS 2055 Duplicate requirement name - requirement was created.
TDOLE_REQUEST_CANCELLED 1153 Request has been cancelled.
TDOLE_RESOURCE_EXISTS 8202 Resource exists.
TDOLE_RESOURCE_FOLDER_EXISTS 8201 Resource folder exists.
TDOLE_RESPONSE_TAMPERED 1154 Response has been tampered.
TDOLE_SERVER_LOCKS_REMOVED 10700 Server locks removed.
TDOLE_TARGET_OR_SOURCE_ENTITY_DOESNT_EXIST 1973 Target or source entity does not exist.
TDOLE_TEST_EXISTS 1055 The test exists.
TDOLE_TESTS_ALREADY_RUN 1111 The test has been executed by another user.
TDOLE_TESTSET_FOLDER_EXISTS 3055 Duplicate TestSet folder name.
TDOLE_THRESHOLD_VALUE_CREATE_FAIL 8517 Creation of Threshold Value with owner type KPIMilestoneScopeItem is not allowed. Call CopyThresholdValues first.
TDOLE_UNEXPECTED 5000 An unexpected error has occurred.
TDOLE_VCS_CANNOTLOGIN 1035 Cannot log into the VCS database.
TDOLE_VCS_LOCKEDMETEST 1037 The test is locked by the current user.
TDOLE_VCS_LOCKEDTEST 1038 The test is locked by another user.
TDOLE_VCS_NOTCHECKEDOUT 1040 The test is not checked out.
TDOLE_VCS_NOTCONNECTED 1039 Not connected to the VCS database.
TDOLE_VCS_NOTDEFVERFILE 1042 There is no version file defined for the test type.
TDOLE_VCS_NOTINVCSDB 1036 The test is not in the VCS database.
TDOLE_VCS_NOTLOCKED 1041 The test is not locked.
TDOLE_VCS_NOTVCSDB 1034 The Quality Center project is not connected to the VCS database.
TDOLE_VCS_NOVCS 1033 VCS support is not installed on the Quality Center server side.
TDOLE_VCS_VERSIONEXISTS 1063 The version already exists.
TDOLE_VCS_VERSIONNOTEXISTS 1064 Required version does not exist in the version control.
TDOLE_VIRTUAL 6020 Cannot get Run Factory for virtual TSTest.
TDOLE_VIRTUAL_FATHER 6010 No post allowed for object that has a virtual parent.
TDOLE_VIRTUAL_FIELD 6040 The field is read-only.
TDOLE_WARNING_ALERT_NOT_CLEARED 1692 The alert could not be cleared.
TDOLE_WARNING_FROM_NOT_FOUND 1053 The 'From' parameter is missing.
TDOLE_WARNING_NO_ALERTS_CLEARED 1690 No alert could be cleared.
TDOLE_WARNING_SOME_ALERTS_NOT_CLEARED 1691 Some of the alerts could not be cleared.
TDOLE_WRONG_ADMIN_PWD 10730 Wrong administrator password.
TDPARAM_NOT_FOUND 1900 No TD parameter exists.
TEST_CONFIG_DOES_NOT_EXISTS_CANNOT_DELETE_INSTANCES 9302 Failed to delete instances. Some of the instances are of configurations that do not exist. You may need to check in the tests in order to delete the instances.
TEST_CONFIG_DOES_NOT_EXISTS_CANNOT_DELETE_TEST_SET 9301 Failed to delete test set. Some of the instances are of configurations that do not exist. You may need to check in the tests before you can delete the test set.
TEST_CONFIG_MIN_LIMIT_EXCEEDED 9300 You cannot delete all the test configurations. You must keep at least one configuration for the test.
TEST_E_COV_DELETE 1283 Failed to delete requirement coverage by test.
TEST_E_CREATE 1281 Failure to create a new test.
TEST_E_DELETE 1282 Failure to delete test.
TEST_E_NOT_FOUND 1280 The specified test does not exist.
TEST_E_REPOSITORY 1284 Invalid test path.
TEST_E_TEMPLATE_TYPE 1285 Cannot change test type.
TESTSET_E_CREATE 1381 Failure to create TestSet.
TESTSET_E_DELETE 1382 Failure to delete TestSet.
TESTSET_E_DELETE_DEFAULT 1383 Failure to delete default' TestSet.
TESTSET_E_NOT_FOUND 1380 The test set does not exist.
TREE_E_CREATE 1521 Cannot create Tree node.
TREE_E_DELETE 1522 Cannot remove Tree node.
TREE_E_NOT_FOUND 1520 Tree node not found.
TREE_E_RENAME 1523 Cannot rename Tree node.
TSTEST_E_CREATE 1402 Failure to create test in TestSet.
TSTEST_E_DELETE 1401 Failed to remove the specified test instance.
TSTEST_E_NOT_FOUND 1400 The test instance does not exist.
USER_E_CREATE 1321 Failure to create user.
USER_E_DELETE 1322 Failure to delete user.
USER_E_IN_GROUP 1323 Failure to add user into group.
USER_E_NOT_FOUND 1320 The specified user does not exist.
USER_E_NOT_IN_GROUP 1324 User does not exist in the group.
USERSGROUP_E_CREATE 1482 Failed to create user group.
USERSGROUP_E_NOT_FOUND 1480 The specified user group does not exist.
USERSGROUP_E_SYSTEM 1481 Users group system error.