Ignore certificates error flags. This option is used for configuration both for WinInet (Spider) and WinHttp (WebGate)
Member Value Description
SECURITY_IGNORE_FLAG_ALL 15 Ignore all certificates errors
SECURITY_IGNORE_FLAG_DEFAULT 7 Ignore certificates errors by default
SECURITY_IGNORE_FLAG_INVALID_SERVER_CERT_CA 2 Allows an invalid certificate authority.
SECURITY_IGNORE_FLAG_INVALID_SERVER_CERT_CN 1 Allows an invalid common name in a certificate; that is, the server name specified by the application does not match the common name in the certificate.
SECURITY_IGNORE_FLAG_INVALID_SERVER_CERT_DATE 4 Allows an invalid certificate date, that is, an expired or not-yet-effective certificate.
SECURITY_IGNORE_FLAG_INVALID_SERVER_CERT_USAGE 8 Allows the identity of a server to be established with a non-server certificate (for example, a client certificate)