Site Administration COM API Reference

The Site Administration Client is a COM-based application program interface (API) that allows you to integrate your custom and third-party tools with the ALM Site Administration using a remote workstation. Using the ALM Site Administration Client API functions, you can organize, manage, and maintain all ALM users, projects, domains, connections, and site configuration parameters. You can also query the contents of a project by running SQL statements.

After you have installed ALM, you can use the Site Administration Client API to create an ALM project. An ALM project is a database for collecting and storing data relevant to a testing process. An ALM project can be hosted by Oracle or Microsoft SQL. You can create an empty ALM project or you can copy the content of an existing project to a new project. You can also restore access to a deactivated project and upgrade an existing project to the current ALM version.

ALM projects are grouped by domain. A domain contains a group of related ALM projects and assists you in organizing and managing a large number of projects. For example, you may wish to create one domain for business process projects and another domain for IT development projects.

Once your projects and domains are set, you need to add or import new ALM users, and define user properties. You can also monitor the users currently connected to the ALM server.

For more information on ALM Site Administration features, refer to the ALM Administrator Guide.