This document provides a complete online reference for the Site Administration REST-based API. Use the REST API to access and work with ALM data in Site Administration.

Note: If you are in ALM 17.0 or later, we recommend you use the Swagger-powered Site Administration API documentation, which provides more samples and specifications.

To visit the Swagger-powered help:

  1. From the ALM qcbin page (http://<ALM server>:<port number>/qcbin/), click the Tools link.

  2. At the bottom of the ALM Tools page, click the ALM REST API Documentation link.

The Site Administration REST-based API is for use by programmers familiar with RESTful API technology.

Consider the following when working with the REST-based API:

  • Ensure only authorized users can execute the automated script or job.
  • Do not include credentials as a part of the script or job.
  • Some responses might contain sensitive information. Ensure you store the received data in a secure way.
  • Limit access to data to authorized users.
  • Destroy output when the information is no longer needed.