ALM 12.5x REST API Reference
Data Types

The following data types are supported:

ALM Field Type JSON Type JSON Syntax
Boolean  true/false  true
Multi Value array ["example 1", "example 2"]
Null null null
Reference Field object  { "id": 1001, "type": defect }
Number number 1001, -156726.8
String string "example"

Time formats

Only the following time formats are supported:

Date: yyyy-MM-dd

Time: HH:mm:ss

DateTime: yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss

Calls using other formats fail.

Floating number formats

Floating numbers input can contain only numerals (0-9), the minus sign (-), and a period (.) .

For example:

Calls fail if floating data contains a comma (,), any alphabetic character, white space, or any punctuation other than a period.


Strings are quoted with double quotes ("abc").

Strings contained in other strings are quoted with single quotes. For example, tests?query="'status = 'Ready' || status = 'Design'"

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