Performance Center Controller Options Dialog Box

This dialog box enables you to configure global Controller options for your Performance Center project.

To access

On the ALM masthead, click and select Performance Center Controller Options.

Note: This page is accessible only from the ALM project itself, and not from Lab Management.

Important information

The Controller is the manager of a performance test. The Controller receives the scripts, their runtime settings, and a list of the load generators to use. The Controller issues instructions to the load generators including which scripts to run, how many Vusers to run per script, and the time at which to start running the Vusers.

During the performance test, the Controller displays online monitoring information. At the conclusion of the test run, the Controller collates the data for analysis.

Before you run a performance test, you can configure load generator and Vuser options for all your performance tests in the project. Although the default settings correspond to most environments, you can modify the settings to customize the test behavior.

The settings apply to all future test runs in the project and generally only need to be set once. The settings apply globally to all the load generators in a performance test.

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