How to Search for Defects

This task describes how to search for defects using the Similar Defects Dialog Box/Pane. You can search for defects at any time from the Defects grid, for example, to find defects related to a specific issue, or to modify a specific defect.

When creating a new defect, you can search for similar defects, for example, to avoid creating duplicate defects.

For user interface details on the Similar Defects Dialog Box/Pane, see Similar Defects Dialog Box/Pane

  1. Display the defect. Display the defect for which you want to find similar defects by doing one of the following:

    • Select a defect from the Defects grid.

    • While creating a new defect in the New Defect dialog box, enter descriptive information in the Summary and Description fields.

  2. Start the search. Click the Find Similar Defects  button.

    Find Similar Defects Finds defects similar to the current defect.
    Find Similar Text Finds defects whose summary or description is similar to a specified text string.

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