AUT Environments Module Fields

This section describes the AUT Environments module fields.

To access

On the ALM sidebar, in Lab Resources, select AUT Environments.

Important information

The AUT Environments module displays the environment configuration data fields for functional testing in ALM.

Relevant tasks

How to Work with AUT Environments

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User interface elements are described below:

UI Element (A - Z)


AUT Environments ID The ID of the AUT environment to which the selected AUT environment configuration belongs.
AUT Environments Folder ID The ID of the folder of the AUT environment.
Default Value The default value of the selected AUT parameter for the selected AUT environment.
Name The name of the AUT environment, AUT environment configuration, AUT environment folder, or AUT parameter.
Value The value of the selected AUT parameter. The value can be default or overridden in an AUT environment configuration.