How to Manage API Keys

As an ALM site administrator, generate and manage API keys using the API Key Management page. On this page, you can create and delete keys, and also revoke or regenerate keys.

  1. Open API Keys

    On the Application Lifecycle Management Options window, click the API Keys link. In the API Keys Login window, enter user name and password.

  2. Manage API Keys

    Create New API Key

    Click API Access Key to create a new key. Provide a name and description for the key, as well as the user to associate with the key. This users permissions are granted to any application that authenticates using this API key.

    You receive a Client ID and API Key Secret, which you need to provide to the person who needs to use this key for authentication.

    Make a secure record of these, as the secret cannot be retrieved again. If it is lost, you will need to revoke the key and regenerate it to receive a new secret.

    Revoke API Key

    To temporarily block a specific API key from accessing ALM, revoke this API Key.

    Select a Client ID from the API Keys Management page. Click Revoke Key.

    Regenerate Key

    You can regenerate a revoked API key, which reactivates the key and provides a new API Key Secret to use with the original Client ID.

    Select a revoked Client ID from the API Keys Management page. Click Regenerate Key.

    Delete Key Select a Client ID from the API Keys Management page. Click Delete Key.
    Refresh Refreshes the API Keys Management page.

Note: If you deactivate or delete a user in ALM administration, the user's API keys are also deleted.

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