If you were previously working with Performance Center 11.52, and ALM 12.60 is installed on a new server, you must restore your backed up projects on the new server. Before restoring and upgrading other Performance Center projects, you must first restore and upgrade LAB_PROJECT, and then any Performance Center template projects.

You restore LAB_PROJECT from the Lab Management tab in Site Administration. For details, refer to the Micro Focus ALM Lab Management Guide: Lab Management Tab.

Restoring Performance Center 11.52 projects includes the following steps:

  1. If a new Site Administration schema was created during installation, a new LAB_PROJECT was created. To restore your Performance Center 11.52 LAB_PROJECT, you must first remove the new LAB_PROJECT from the ALM 12.50 server.

  2. In ALM 12.60 Site Administration, restore your Performance Center 11.52 LAB_PROJECT.
  3. Proceed with the verify, repair, and upgrade of your LAB_PROJECT. For details, see About Upgrading Projects.

    If the verification process fails and you receive an error message that project fields cannot be decrypted using the Confidential Data Passphrase, refer to the Encrypted Values section in the Upgrade Preparation Troubleshooting appendix in the Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management Installation and Upgrade Guide.

  4. Restore, verify, repair, and upgrade any Performance Center 11.52 template projects.

    Note: Performance Center 11.52 template projects must be restored to the DEFAULT domain.

  5. Restore, verify, repair, and upgrade your Performance Center 11.52 projects.