LAB_PROJECT Post Upgrade Steps

If you have upgraded a Performance Center 11.00 project, perform the following steps in the staging and production environments:

For details regarding these steps, refer to the Micro Focus ALM Lab Management Guide and the Performance Center documentation.

  1. Log into Lab Management.

  2. Configure the external URL:

    1. On the Lab Management sidebar, under Servers, select PC Servers.
    2. On the toolbar, click the ALM Connection button. The ALM Connection dialog box opens.
    3. Enter external URL information.

  3. Add a Performance Center Server:

    1. On the PC Servers toolbar, click the New PC Server button. The New PC Server dialog box opens.

    2. Define new server information.

    3. Click OK.

  4. Update license details:

    Define new license information in the Performance Center Administration. For details, see the Performance Center documentation.

  5. Add, remove, or reconfigure hosts:

    1. On the Lab Management sidebar, under Lab Resources, select Hosts.

    2. Add, remove, or reconfigure hosts as needed.