PC Servers Module Fields

This section describes the PC Servers module fields.

To access

On the Lab Management sidebar, under Servers, select PC Servers.

Relevant tasks

How to Manage Performance Center Servers

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements (A - Z)


Configuration Last Check

Displays whether the last configuration check passed or failed.

Connectivity Last Check

Displays whether the last connectivity check passed or failed.


A description of the Performance Center Server.

External URL

The URL used to connect to the Performance Center Server from an external source.

Note: For SSL connectivity add a Performance Center server using the following format for the external URL:


Example: https://mypcs:443

Installation Last Check

Displays whether the last installation check passed or failed.

Internal URL

The URL used for all internal communication between the Performance Center Server and ALM, as well as for load balancing.


The server name that you assign when you configure a new server.

Performance Last Check

Displays whether the last performance check passed or failed.

Server ID

The server ID.

Server State

The current state of the server. The possible states are:

  • Idle. The server is idle.

  • Rebooting. The server is rebooting and is temporarily unavailable.

Default: Idle


The current server status. The possible statuses are:

  • Operational.The server is working.

  • Non-operational. The server is not working.

  • Unavailable.The server is not available.