Performance Center General Settings Dialog Box

This dialog box enables you to define general settings for Performance Center.

To access

In Lab Management, on the ALM masthead click and select Performance Center General Settings.

Important information

The settings defined here are general settings for the Performance Center system.

Relevant tasks

How to Work with Lab Management Administration

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Introduction to Lab Management Administration

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements


PC Server > PC Server Settings
  • Unlimited cache size. The Performance Center Server cache size is unlimited and the cache is not cleaned.

  • Cache size. The Performance Center Server cache size in gigabytes.

    Default: 1GB

PC Host > PC Host Settings

Timeout for checking load generator connectivity in seconds.

PC Host > Data Processor Settings
  • Data Processor Timeslot minimum length (minutes). The minimum amount of time, in minutes, that a data processor timeslot should be allotted.

    Default: 1 minute

  • Timeout for pending data processor task (minutes). The amount of time a data processing task should be allowed to remain in a pending state.

    Default: 30 minutes

Apply Saves the settings that you have defined.
Use Default Restores the default Performance Center Server and Data Processor settings.